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    In a message dated 6/26/1999 10:17:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, paul.anderson@yale.edu writes:
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      In a message dated 6/26/1999 10:17:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      paul.anderson@... writes:

      << I also found between two and three dozen places where Luke
      departs from Mark and sides with John (see Appendix VIII in my book, _The
      Christology of the Fourth Gospel_). Rather than a common source or John's
      dependence on Luke, this seems clearly to reflect a Lucan preference for
      the Johannine tradition over the Marcan >>

      I would like to ask here "why?". Though the question would seem to belong on
      another list, I have never understood why it is more likely that Luke was
      using a Johannine tradition than that John is simply influenced, at these
      points of contact, by the existing Gospel of Luke. Also, what distinction do
      you make between "a common source", and "the Johannine tradition", other than
      that the second is more specific than the first?

      << On the identity of the Beloved Disciple, it is fair to say a lack of
      consensus exists. Charlesworth, for instance, argues with a great deal of
      force for Thomas; others, such as Stibbe, have added new energy to the
      Lazarus view. Many scholars believe the identity cannot be known. The
      above Appendix, however, puts forward some new first-century evidence on
      John's authorship which kicks the identification of the Beloved Disciple A
      FULL CENTURY EARLIER than Irenaeus, which has hitherto been (as far as I
      know) undetected in the literature. >>

      I would be very interested in such evidence, and I don't know to what source
      your expression "the above Appendix" refers. Could you spell this out for me
      (on or off list)? Thanks.

      Leonard Maluf
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