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Re: Mk 9

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    ... Mark Goodacre asked - ... If Jesus was seen transfigured and in clothing glistening, intensely white , was he not seen in his glory - and therefore
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 28, 1999
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      Mark Goodacre asked -
      >What is the case for linking this more strongly to the parousia? The imagery
      >in 9.3 certainly reminds one of Revelation and we also have "cloud" here in
      >v.7, cf. Mark 14.62. What else is there?
      If Jesus was seen "transfigured" and in clothing "glistening, intensely
      white", was he not seen "in his glory" - and therefore proleptically as
      in his parousia in glory? And if Moses, Elijah, Peter, James and John,
      were with Jesus, were not the hAGIOI with him, also a foretaste of the
      parousia when he comes "with his saints"?

      Perhaps the imagery relates to Daniel 7.9-27 (to which Revelation also
      relates, of course) - "clothing white as snow", "clouds of heaven", "one
      like a son of man", "the saints of the Most High", "the end" ?

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