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Fwd: "auditory piracy"

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      << Subj: Re: "auditory piracy"
      Date: 99-01-17 14:08:56 EST
      From: antonio.jerez@... (Antonio Jerez)
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      Leonard Maluf wrote:

      >Dear list,
      > I don't know who started it, but I do hope we have seen the last for a
      >while of discourse on auditory piracy. I think it is an extremely
      >avenue to pursue, especially as an explanation for the gospels of Matthew
      >Luke, understood as deriving from a presumed "heard" Mark. The authors of
      >these Gospels are manifestly persons who had intimate, hands-on familiarity
      >with numerous books, and it is unlikely in the extreme that, even in the
      >unlikely) event that the Gospel of Mark already existed when they wrote,
      >were reduced to the exigency of picking up what they could of it from random
      >auditory events. The theory simply doesn't merit the further exercise of our
      >collective mental resources, in my never-too-humble view. Requiescat in
      >By the way, happy New Year, everyone!
      >Leonard Maluf

      AMEN to each and everyone of those words of wisdom!

      Best wishes

      Antonio Jerez

      Drs. Maluf and Jerez,

      The story goes that the young Planck went to Zurich to hear a presentation on
      Relativity, which he didn't understand. Local Nazis were demonstrating
      outside with signs about Jew cosmology. Planck says he thought My God,
      Einstein's right! This is the best their best physicists can do!

      If you don't buy Markan priority I suggest you fight this model to the death.

      RIP and Shanah tovah,

      Tim Reynolds
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