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[Synoptic-L] Re: [XTalk] revised page for Web Link to Harris Chapter 7

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  • Mark Goodacre
    Excellent idea to do this kind of thing interactively and drawing on expertise of the various e-lists, Jeffrey; it s a great experiment in a kind of communal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2005
      Excellent idea to do this kind of thing interactively and drawing on
      expertise of the various e-lists, Jeffrey; it's a great experiment in
      a kind of communal building of resources, and I am watching with
      interest. A couple of comments on your revised Gospels page, Jeffrey,
      some from my own experience of working on similar pages.

      The Charlotte Allen "no frills" article was widely linked back in
      96-97 ish when there were precious few resources available on the net
      on the Synoptic Problem; but that has totally changed now and this
      kind of journalistic piece, though pretty good for a journalistic
      piece is not ideal for beginning students who now have a real wealth
      of resources available. I dropped it when it went subscription only
      on Atlantic Monthly's own site. (Once upon a time I remember Atlantic
      Monthly having a connected discussion forum on the article and there
      was a big response from a certain Mahlon Smith, the first time I
      remember coming across him).

      On the NT Gateway, I also dropped all the Encyclopaedia Britannica
      articles as soon as they went to subscription based. There was a
      glorious period when they were free for all and I had the relevant
      articles indexed, with author attributions (Stendahl, Bornkamm et al)
      for each area of the NT Gateway. I'm guessing that Harris's listing
      of the Britannica articles dates to that same period. There's just no
      point having them there now if the aim of the Harris pages is to link
      to helpful resources for students -- they won't go to a
      subscription-based source when there are dozens of free for all
      resources available. It was a great annoyance to me at the time to go
      through and delete all the Britannica links on the NT Gateway; I
      think Jenee Woodard had to do the same on Textweek.

      Another reminiscence: anyone remember Tom Simms regularly saying on
      the old Crosstalk that there was nothing new on the historical Jesus
      since the Encyclopaedia Britannica article? (He clearly didn't rate
      Vermes, Sanders, Crossan and co).

      Some of the resources listed on your revised page also need their URLs
      refreshing, including Mahlon's Primer, my "Mark Without Q" (now also
      name changed) and Stephen's premier Synoptic Problem page. The URLs
      are at least four years or so old.

      In general I would also say that one ideally wants newer resources for
      the beginning students; give them the New Advent resources from a
      century ago and many of them (not the brightest, of course) just don't
      have the necessary sense of historical perspective to be able to read
      them properly. I've read student essays that lift ideas from century
      old material without any realisation or understanding that they are
      lifting material that is old. This is not the tyranny of the
      contemporary -- we should all spend much more time reading our
      forefathers' work -- but the concern of the teacher whose students can
      lack the critical tools necessary to discern the historical context of
      the resources being consulted.

      If one is going to refer the newer students to classic Gospel
      criticism, then you can't do much better than Streeter's Four Gospels
      on-line edition (links on the NT Gateway).

      One further thought -- I like to guide students towards good
      contemporary introductory materials and have a general section on what
      I would regard as good beginning points at
      http://ntgateway.com/resource/ .

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