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9846Re: [Synoptic-L] documentary independence

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  • dgentil@sears.com
    Sep 28, 2004
      "I wouldn't waste my time."

      Then I really don't see why I should waste mine.


      The central premise is that if a category of text (A) and another category
      of text (B) share a similar frequency of vocabulary items, above and beyond
      any similarity we would expect, given that both categories are taken from
      the synoptics, and if another category (C) does not share a similar
      frequency of vocabulary items with (A) and (B), then (A) and (B) most
      likely have the same author, and (C) most likely has a different author.

      The study shows that the categories which include material in common
      between Matthew and Mark show a similarity to categories which contain
      material found only in Mark. But the categories containing material unique
      to Matthew, do not show a similar relation to the categories containing
      material common to Matthew and Mark.

      Hence...the material in common between Matthew and Mark was likely
      originally authored by the same person who produced the rest of Mark, and
      not be the same person that produced the rest of Matthew.

      Some objections to directly connecting vocabulary frequency, and authorship
      have been raised on this list, and the objections are summarized and
      discussed here.


      Dave Gentile
      M.S. Physics
      M.S. Finance
      Riverside, IL

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      I don't expect people to look through the archives. However, I do expect
      people who are interested in understanding the work to study all the
      webpages on my site completely (including following all the links) and ask
      specific questions about items there that they do not understand, or have
      issues with.

      I wouldn't waste my time. I have no reason to question any of your
      statistical data that do not require intelligence, and that can therefore
      be processed by a computer better than by a human being. I am interested in
      the following step: how you get from the data you have assembled to an
      argument in favor of Markan priority. It is there that I suspect (though I
      cannot yet say for sure, since you refuse to articulate your argument
      beyond the mere statement of its conclusion) that presuppositions would be
      operative to which I would take exception. Until you are able to articulate
      that argument, I don't believe its conclusion merits much credit or

      Leonard Maluf
      Blessed John XXIII National Seminary
      Weston, MA

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