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9781Re:[Synoptic-L] Jesus' Baptism

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  • Randall Buth
    Jun 4, 2004
      There is some language data to add to the discussion.
      >2) Luke's baptism narrative of Jesus is earliest account
      > - It is symbolic of death and rebirth/resurrection (Luke 12:50)
      > - It is part of an Adoptionist formula, quoting Psalm 2:7
      > - John does not baptize Jesus in Luke (I can expand on v. 3:19-20,
      but it is long)
      . . .
      >3) Mark's version, based on source lacking Luke 3:19-20
      > - Concretely states that John baptizes Jesus (1:9)
      > - Lacks the Adoptionist formula, quoting hybrid Psalm 2:7, Isaiah

      Luke 3:21-22 is a Lucan rewrite. (this could be of a non-canonical source,
      so it
      is not necessarily diagnostic of Lucan-Marcan relationship). In any case,
      is a example of the Lucan KAI EGENETO + aparemfaton rhma (infinitive) as
      MAIN event. This is not a Hebraism but a Lucanism and to be clearly
      distinguished from the Hebraic KAI EGENETO (+/- time margin) + paremfaton
      rhma (finite verb). This latter (+ finite verb) only occurs in the gospel,
      while the
      former (infinitive as main event) occurs in both the gospel and frequently
      No surprise there, of course. We get to see Luke's style in Acts and it is
      mixed with sources in the gospel.

      The language point, in sum, is that Luke 3:21-22 shows Luke's hand as an
      editor, which blunts (but certainly does not contradict) the case for
      originality of the perspective. (E.g. the other kind of KAI EGENETO could
      have gone a long way for clinching the argument for originallity.)
      The effect of the whole string of infinitives would be to demote the scene
      somewhat from the typically aorist indicative story line.

      Randall Buth
      Randall Buth, PhD
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      Director, Biblical Studies in Israel
      Hebrew University, Rothberg International School

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