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9780Re: [Synoptic-L] Jesus' Baptism

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  • Stuart Waugh
    Jun 3, 2004
      Actually Luke's account being most primitive is only part of the argument. The issue of Matthew's account being intruded upon by 2nd century Orthodox creedal material still holds regardless. Matthew's account is clearly aware of Adoptionist readings and sets a  formula to give an alternative, if clumsy, understanding of the story.
      So even if Luke's account is not prior to Mark, or it is from a separate primitive tradition, the Adoptionist reading was known, and every point in 1, 3, 4, 5 still holds. The sticking point of Luke's account being earlier is a not a robust counter argument.
      - Stuart

      Stuart Waugh <stuartwaugh@...> wrote:
      Yup, that is the issue. But I think people have trouble dealing with theological arguments because they insist the Synoptics were done in a single sitting redactions. I am inclined to agree with Parker on this issue, and see a prolonged process. Any given Gospel can have more primitive accounts of this or that story with this view. Besides model arguments are very weak.
      But perhaps somebody (Emmanuel?) would like to demonstrate the development toward the Adoptionism in Luke and why he needs to remove John from the scene. Some good Patristic evidence to show how this happened, would be nice as well. Afterall, my argument is based on theology, not upon model.

      "Stephen C. Carlson" <scarlson@...> wrote:
      Stuart Waugh wrote:
      >Lets get this straight. My argument is:
      >2) Luke's baptism narrative of Jesus is earliest account

      This is probably the sticking point. If you can persuade
      on this one, it's all down hill from there.

      Stephen Carlson

      Stephen C. Carlson,
      "Poetry speaks of aspirations, and songs chant the words." Shujing 2.35

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