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9756[Synoptic-L] Jesus' Baptism

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  • Jim West
    Jun 1, 2004
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      I've read the commentaries, thought about the possible reasons for it's
      inclusion in the tradition, and still cannot find a satisfactory explanation
      as to why the early Church thought it necessary to relate the story of Jesus
      baptism. Matt 3:13ff has the account. John the Baptist himself cannot
      understand the "whyness" of the event. And what the heck does Jesus mean
      when he says "it fulfills all righteousness..." Huh????? How does baptism
      fulfill all rightousness?

      Anyway, the text is really bothersome. Bultmann gives what is the typical
      answer. So if any of you out there; you learned hordes, have some good idea
      as to the "whyness" I would love to hear it! (and please, please, please,
      don't point me to some commentary. I would rather hear what YOU think).



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