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9523Re: [Synoptic-L] Matt 24:14 and Bauckham's Thesis

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  • Maluflen@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2003
      In a message dated 11/30/2003 8:03:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, randerson58@... writes:

      << But I was trying to determine the significance of the conflict in the various verses in Matthew about the 'mission to the Gentiles.' I think these verses (24:11-12; 10:5; 24:9; 28:19-20) reveal the deep seated conflict within the community represented by Matthew that may have been caused as you suggest by disputes with a group of hostile Gentiles which I take to mean Gentile Christian followers of Jesus.>>

      Can you explain what would make you think that the hostile Gentiles of, say, Matt 24:9 are Gentile Christian followers of Jesus? This is certainly not the obvious meaning of the text. Especially since the expression is hUPO PANTWN TWN EQNWN, and in the context of 24:6-8. I hardly think Matthew would be suggesting that other Christians "will kill you", a phrase that immediately precedes 24:9.

      <<Perhaps you can clarify the composition of the two groups and the nature of the conflict faced. I do not see any indication that Matthew's community is a minority Jewish Christian community. Perhaps you can point me to the evidence you see for such a view.>>

      I meant a minority Jewish Christian community in a largely pagan world (see above).

      << You used the word 'ANOMIA' in your prior message. Are you using a sociological term? Perhaps you can indicate why you feel the use of the word 'ANOMIA' is appropriate to describe's
      Matthew's community. >>

      You don't seem to read very carefully. I was referring to the word ANOMIAN in Matt 24:12, and wondering if Matt might not here be speaking of a brand of Christianity (the Pauline) that does away with aspects of the Mosaic Law (circumcision), having been led astray (according to Matthew) by the influence of "false prophets" (Paul and company). I am not affirming, either, that this is the case (i.e., that the reference is to Paul), but only raising the possibility, or wondering if it has been raised.

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