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9276Re: [Synoptic-L] Trusting the text

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  • Dennis Sullivan
    Aug 31 9:02 AM
      I agree, Bob, that you have found one of the many difficulties in Mark. IMO,
      there are quite a few that need examination.

      Several years ago I, too, did the synopsis coloring exercise in the older
      RSV version of Throckmorton's, also referring to Huck's Greek Synopsis.

      Even though I don't necessarily endorse the idea of Markan posteriority, the
      process of coloring can highlight passages that seem to point in that

      I used red, yellow, green and orange to organize double and triple tradition
      phrases, and later used blue to color material unique to Mark. The colors
      taken together can certainly appear to support Markan posteriority, as well
      as pointing up Mark's tendency toward "language of excitement" when adding
      his color to units he possibly "picked up" from Matthew or Luke. (I posted a
      collection of Mark's unique sections to this list several years ago under
      the subject line of "Mark's creativity".)

      Such a hypothesis would help to explain Mark's "great excursion" usually
      referred to as the "great Lukan omission", since, on this hypothesis, Luke
      never saw Mark's version. This section also contains Mark's "U-turn on the
      lake" and yeshua's trip to the decapolis, the feeding of the four thousand,
      and the visits to Tyre and Sidon before rejoining Luke's account at the
      point of returning from this Markan excursion. (This pointed out by R.Steven
      Notley on Synoptic-L some months ago.)

      This leaves us guessing as to what happened here: Did Mark have access to
      another source unknown to either Luke or Matthew, or did he simply create
      the whole story by adapting similar passages to accommodate the
      sensibilities of his gentile readers by sending yeshua to visit the
      gentiles? And, did Mark adapt the Tyre/Sidon journey from Matthew, or was
      Matthew, writing later, influenced by Mark to include this in his gospel.
      ( I realize I just switched hypotheses here...)

      IMO,David Barrett Peabody has "nailed it" when he wrote of coloring a
      synopsis, "...there is no better way to master the relevant evidence and the
      intricacies of the Synoptic Problem".

      kol tuv (all the best),

      Dennis Sullivan
      Dayton, Ohio

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      > Bob,
      > I think your reading of the difficulty at Mk 7:17 is astute and I do not
      > believe that appeal to Mk 7:15 as an answer to this diffficulty is
      > adequate.
      > I also commend you for doing your own color coding of the texts of the
      > gospels. Having done much of that kind of work myself, I can tell you
      > there is no better way to master the relevant evidence and the intricacies
      > of the Synoptic Problem.
      > Therefore, I do not suggest that you consult Farmer's *Synopticon* or the
      > color coded synopsis of Mark I produced with Tom Longstaff, now available
      > from Trinity Press International, as a substitute for your own work, but
      > simply as a hopefully, interesting comparison with it.
      > I might also suggest that you also consult the volume, *One Gospel from
      > Two,* also available from Trinity Press International, as a supplement and
      > complement to books you have already consulted on Synoptic Source
      > Criticism. This book represents, the latest statement by advocates of the
      > neo-Griesbach (Two Gospel Hypothesis) on how Mark could have been composed
      > by drawing material, often alternately, from both Mt and Lk. Hopefully,
      > our analysis of Mk 7 there would also be of interest to you.
      > Best,
      > David Barrett Peabody

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