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  • Ken Olson
    Aug 13, 2003
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      I haven't tried to tackle Boismard and Lamouille's _Les Actes des deux
      Apotres, (1990+) which has now grown to six volumes in French. There's a
      good English summary of the first three volumes in Justin Taylor "The Making
      of Acts: a New Account" RB 97 (1990) 504-524. Taylor, a colleague of
      Boismard and Lamouille at the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem, is the author of
      volume VI, an historical commentary on Acts 9.1-18.22.

      Excerpted from Taylor:

      Vol. I is a "general introduction [that] presents in advance the conclusions
      of the whole investigation, and is followed by a literal translation into
      French of both the Alexandrian and Western texts"

      Vol. II is a "detailed literary and theological synthesis of each of the
      documents which, it is held, have gone into the making of Acts."

      "Vol. III contains the literary critical analyses which support the
      attribution of this or that passage to a particular level of redaction"

      I don't know what volumes 4 and 5 are about.

      Boismard sees Acts as a product of three sources that were combined in three
      levels of redaction. The three sources used by redactor I were P (=Petrine
      source), J (=Johannite document about JBap) and Jv (=Journal de voyage; the
      travel diary that is the basic source of the We-passages). Redactor II had
      access to both to the work of redactor I and his sources and rewrote them
      heavily. Redactor III had access to the work of both I and II but made
      fewer alterations than II had. In general, II is best represented by the
      Western text. It is not the same as our Western text, but a reconstruction
      of Boismard's. III is the Alexandrian text of Acts.

      Best Wishes,



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      > I know this is slightly off topic--- but I dont know of an "Acts"
      > list.
      > Boismard suggests somewhere that the western text of Acts is "first editio
      > material. I have looked at Amazon.fr and found several things-- a mutli
      > volume commentary on acts from around 1990 and a one volume commentary
      > 2000. So, before I buy something, which one has the fullest discussion of
      > his ideas about the western text?
      > Thanks
      > Jim
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