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9180[Synoptic-L] Lost Q Document Found

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    Apr 1, 2003
      Dear list,

      I came across the following news item. If true, this
      is pretty exciting stuff!

      Stephen Carlson



      JERUSALEM, April 1, 2003 -- According to the Israeli
      Antiquities Authority, excavators in one of the caves
      around Qumran have today uncovered from an unsearched
      area of Cave 7 a scroll containing the long-lost
      source of Jesus's sayings scholars.

      For over 150 years, scholars have argued that Matthew
      and Luke used another source called Q in addition to
      Mark in composing their Gospels; however, critics
      have charged that no record of this source existed.

      "What is important about this discovery," says leading
      Q scholar John S. Kloppenborg-Veblen, "is that it not
      only proves that this hypothetical document really existed
      but also provides a stunning confirmation of the text that
      the International Q Project reconstructed just two years

      Paleographer Peter Carsten Thiede dates the discovered Q
      document to A.D. 42 based on the shape of the letter "nu".
      "Another interesting thing about this document is that
      it is one of the first to use ellipses and double brackets
      extensively," Thiede said in a telephone interview.

      The damage scroll was labelled with the Hebrew letter qoph,
      likely standing for "Qumran," where the scroll was found.
      "Since the Hebrew letter qoph corresponds to the Latin
      letter Q," says Kloppenborg-Veblen, "it appears that the
      source really was called Q."

      Q skeptics are still not persuaded, however. Mark S.
      Goulder said that even if this discovery was not an
      elaborate April Fool's joke, it still would be simpler
      to conclude that Luke used Matthew instead of both going
      to Qumran to research their Gospels.

      Stephen C. Carlson,
      "Poetry speaks of aspirations, and songs chant the words." Shujing 2.35

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