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7080[Synoptic-L] the nature of the data

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Dec 1, 2001
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      A further thought on this. In the triple tradition pericope the
      Transfiguration, Mt 17.1-8, Mk 9.2-8, Lk 9.28-36, the material in Lk
      9.34(b) -- "and they were afraid as they entered the cloud" -- is found
      in neither Matthew nor Mark and yet each word is categorized 112 in the
      HHB Concordance as though the material has parallel passages in Mt and
      Mk. On the other hand, in the triple tradition pericope the Desolating
      Sacrilege, Mt 24.15-22, Mk 13.14-20, Lk 21.20-24, the words of Lk 21.22
      -- "for these are days of vengeance, to fulfil all that is written" --
      are similarly found in neither Mt nor Mk and are entered as 002, as
      though the material has no parallel passages in Mt or Mk. This seems to
      be inconsistent. Surely such inconsistencies are going to provide false
      pointers when categories such as 112 and 002 are used to try and
      determine the relationship between the synoptic gospels.

      The more I look at the HHB categorization the more I wonder whether
      analysing the stats reveals the decisions of the editors of the
      Concordance rather the relationship between the synoptic gospels.

      Best wishes,

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