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6626Re: [Synoptic-L] the failure of color coding

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    Aug 4, 2001
      After reading this thread, I have no idea, if any, what the
      failure of color coding is supposed to be. The purpose of
      color coding is to indicate the words and lemmata that are
      the same in two or more parallel traditions. Once there is
      an agreement that two passages are to be color-coded with
      respect to one another, then there is no difficulty and no
      failure in color coding.

      This necessarily presupposes some notion that the traditions
      are indeed parallel. Since different people have different
      standards for determining this, usually while being informed
      by a particular source theory, it is not surprising that
      different color coders will produce different results.

      Back to Dungan's notion that synopses are biased, one of the
      ways that synopses are biased is in the identification of
      parallel traditions and the primacy one gives to which of
      many possibles parallels and non-parallels. This problem
      exists prior to the color coding exercise.

      Stephen Carlson
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