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6424Re: [Synoptic-L] Matthean and Lukan Dependence on Mark

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  • Ted Weeden
    Jul 3, 2001
      To Brian Wilson:


      I am trying to understand what you find is missing in my argument for the
      Matthean and Lukan dependence on canonical Mark, which argument concludes
      that canonical Mark is chronologically prior to Matthew and Luke. In my
      post I provided evidence that I find makes the incontrovertible case for the
      Matthean and Lukan dependence on canonical Mark. On July 2 you wrote:


      Such an analysis is equally possible on the assumption that all three
      synoptists used a common source, that Mark most faithfully reproduced
      the wording of the material he selected from this source, and that
      Matthew and Luke independently edited the wording of this material more
      heavily than Mark. I would suggest that all that you write is therefore
      fully consistent with Mark not being prior to Matthew and Luke. It
      would seem that you have not given us an argument against the non-
      priority of Mark.

      Then I wrote:


      You need to show me or reconstruct for me this "common source."

      To which you responded


      I could do this, though I would not claim to have incontrovertible
      evidence for such a source. However, there is no need for me to do as
      you ask. For if you really had "incontrovertible evidence of Matthean
      and Lukan direct dependency on canonical Mark", then you would
      necessarily have incontrovertible evidence ruling out the non-priority
      of Mark.

      My response:

      In a court of law, as well as in the court of scholarly judgment, decisions
      our made on the basis of evidence submitted. So far in the case of
      Matthean and Lukan dependency on canonical Mark, I have produced evidence
      in my post, "Matthean and Lukan Dependence on Mark," that I judge
      incontrovertibly establishes Markan literary priority and Matthean and Lukan
      dependence on canonical Mark. Unless evidence is introduced to the
      contrary which is substantial enough to challenge seriously the evidence I
      have submitted, then the case for Markan priority and Matthean and Lukan
      dependence on Mark remains incontrovertible. To my knowledge in our
      exchanges you have not presented any evidence that would countervail the
      evidence I have submitted. Have I missed something? If so, please point
      me to it.



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