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6421[Synoptic-L] Matthean and Lukan Dependence on Mark

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Jul 2, 2001
      Ted Weeden wrote --
      >there is, in my judgment incontrovertible evidence of Matthean and
      >Lukan direct dependency on canonical Mark. I state this so
      >emphatically because of the analysis of the Markan portrayal of the
      >disciples vis-a-vis the Matthean and Lukan portrayal of the disciples,
      >an analysis which I published in my _Mark- Traditions in Conflict_
      Such an analysis is equally possible on the assumption that all
      three synoptists used a common source, that Mark most faithfully
      reproduced the wording of the material he selected from this source, and
      that Matthew and Luke independently edited the wording of this material
      more heavily than Mark.

      I would suggest that all that you write is therefore fully consistent
      with Mark not being prior to Matthew and Luke.

      It would seem that you have not given us an argument against the non-
      priority of Mark.

      Best wishes,

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