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6310[Synoptic-L] Thread: Gerasene/Gadarene exorcism

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  • John Lupia
    Jun 1, 2001

      "Ideas are like children: there are none so wonderful as your own" - Chinese
      fortune cookie.

      Thread: Gerasene/Gadarene exorcism

      I have begun to get bored with the discussion and I do admit at times I
      cannot follow the thread of some of your (plural) thoughts. Could someone
      on the list who has been paying closer attention please give a concise
      summary??? Please!!! I am really begging for help here.

      I pointed out nine common elements in the Synoptics. Are there any more?
      I pointed out the "type-scene" or "convention" literary analysis that
      completely explains 100% how all three wrote a unique version of this story.
      This literary technique has been used by Classists for 70 years with no
      complaints. I also gave an exhaustive citation of all Greek words for
      daimon and unclean-spirit which shows a few similarities (very very few)
      which are all inconclusive for any theory. Why is there a problem here?
      If you are going to argue for a pre-existing source don't just say so
      demonstrate it please! If you think Matthew is using Mark or Luke is using
      Mark or Matthew or vice-versa, or Q, or M, L., or Special-K cereal or
      alphabet soup please cite the whole of it with all of its details so that
      the list might better follow your arguments.

      Maybe I am talking out of turn about this? Please clarify what you (plural)
      are saying so that others might better grasp it and perhaps chime in with
      their two-cents worth. Currently, I think this is a very muddled
      discussion, riddled with misunderstandings (perhaps all are mine?) and is
      incomprehensible, unproductive and going nowhere. For what its worth, I
      happen to personally like all three of the main contributors of this
      discussion. So, don't think for a moment anything I am saying is an
      asperges against any of you. Its just that I think the discussion has
      reached a new zenith in esoteria. You know, "One for the books" so to speak.
      I could be all wet on this. Anyone else care to comment?


      1. Jesus arrives by boat
      2. Jesus meets demoniac(s)
      3. The possessed is/are characterized as strong man/men drawing a Synoptic
      parallel in: Mc 3,27; Lc 11,21-22; Matth 12,29
      4. Demons ask Jesus if he came to torment them
      5. The demons request to go into the swine herd
      6. The demons are exorcised into the herd; rush down into the lake and die.
      7. Witnesses rush to the city and report
      8. City rushes out to see
      9. The citizens beg Jesus to leave

      Peace in Christ,

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