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5957Re: [Synoptic-L] Luke knew Matthew: Three versions

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  • Peter M. Head
    Apr 11, 2001
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      Thanks Mark,

      this is really helpful (and interesting).


      >On 10 Apr 2001, at 18:05, Peter M. Head wrote:
      >> Thanks Mark for your helpful notes. Are there any interesting
      >> non-scientific commonalities among the British representatives of the
      >> Farrer-Goulder theory? Oxford is one. Did they all go to the same
      >> school or something?
      >I think Oxford is one -- Farrer taught Goulder there in the 1950s and
      >John Muddiman in the 1960s. Franklin was at St Stephen's House
      >and was my tutor in the 1980s; Muddiman was my doctoral
      >supervisor in the 1990s. John Drury was chaplain of Exeter
      >College (which, as it happens, was my college too) in the 1970s,
      >across the road from Trinity where Goulder was giving his
      >Speakers' Lectures published as _Midrash and Lection in
      >Matthew_ in 1974 (cf. the preface to Drury's 1976 _Tradition and
      >Design in Luke's Gospel_). E. P. Sanders was Dean Ireland
      >professor at Oxford in the 1980s, and it was while there that he
      >published (with Margaret Davies) his most Farrer-friendly piece,
      >_Studying the Synoptic Gospels_ (1989). I can't fit Benedict Green
      >in here. I wonder if he was taught by Farrer too? I'll have to ask
      >No, I don't think the same school comes into it. They are all posh
      >(e.g. Goulder went to Eton) whereas I was just an ordinary bod who
      >went to the local comprehensive school in the East Midlands.
      >There's a minor Birmingham link too. Goulder has spent most of
      >his academic career in the University of Birmingham until his
      >retirement in 1994. Farrer was a Cadbury lecturer here in 1953-4
      >(and the book is _St Matthew and St Mark_). Margaret Davies was
      >an undergraduate here in the late '50s, early '60s. I've been here
      >since 1995 for my short career so far. Ed Sanders was the
      >Cadbury lecturer here last year!
      >However, there are now those who have no link with any of this who
      >are becoming Q sceptics simply because they are looking carefully
      >at the evidence : )
      >> I'm not meaning to ignore your comment by the
      >> way, it is just that Farrer theory is much less clear than
      >> Farrer-Goulder (which non-advocates have been using for a while).
      >> Should advocates be given automatic rights of self-identification?
      >No, but they should be given a hearing if the existing usage is in
      >some way potentially misleading. There are several problems with
      >the term "Farrer-Goulder": (1) it marginalises the contributions of
      >key figures like John Drury and Eric Franklin; (2) it tacitly suggests
      >that the theory of Marcan Priority + Luke's use of Matthew
      >necessarily involves Goulder's take on it, including the implausible
      >theory of no additional sources. Drury and Franklin each contribute
      >something of key importance unrepresented by Goulder: Drury's
      >stress on Luke as a literary artist picks up on Farrer's stress on
      >the same and is a useful antidote to Goulder's fundamentally
      >source- / redaction- critical approach. Franklin stresses Luke's
      >critical attitude to Matthew alongside a rejection of Goulder's no-
      >extra-sources view. If in spite of these considerations, one still
      >thinks that "Farrer-Goulder" is the best description
      >> The alternative problem is that much of the evidence is somewhat
      >> similar. It is hard to imagine any discussion not being very
      >> repetitious. Anyway I'll worry about later.
      >Some of it is, but I suppose that my point was that the fundamental
      >agreement between Farrer & Two-Source on Marcan Priority
      >renders these rather different theses than Griesbach.
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