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5949Re: [Synoptic-L] Luke knew Matthew: Three versions

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  • Ron Price
    Apr 11, 2001
      Peter Head wrote:

      > Would any of the advocates of the view that Luke knew Matthew like
      > to suggest their best examples?


      I suggest the following:
      (1) The Temptation. Davies & Allison (_Matthew_, I, 350), refer to an
      article by Wilkens - "Die Versuchung Jesu nach Matthaus" NTS 28 (1982),
      479-89, which argues for the Matthean version as largely redactional and
      for Luke as dependent on Matthew here.
      (2) John the Baptist's Inquiry
      (3) The 'naming' and framing of the Sermon on the Plain, which looks
      very much as if it was based on that of the Sermon on the Mount, for the
      scenery was not in the sayings source.

      Detailed arguments on the first two (amongst others) can be found on
      my Web site.

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