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5930Re: [Synoptic-L] Luke knew Matthew: Three versions

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    Apr 10, 2001
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      At 02:06 PM 4/10/01 +0100, Peter M. Head wrote:
      >There seem to be three different views among those who think that Luke knew
      >a) Griesbach Hyp view: Lk used Mt as his major source (e.g. Old Griesbach
      >School, Farmer, Q Impasse)
      >b) Farrer-Goulder Hyp view: Lk used Mt as supplement to Mk, therefore
      >dispense with Q (e.g. Farrer, Goulder, Drury, Ropes, Enslin [I think some
      >Americans have held this view!], Goodacre)
      >c) 2SH view: Lk exhibits occasional knowledge of Mt, but primary sources
      >were Mk & Q (Gundry, later Holtzmann, Morganthaler).
      >Some questions:
      >i) Have I missed anyone important?

      Yes. The Augustinians (Zahn, Jameson, Chapman, Butler, and Wenham in
      the 20th century). Although the Augustinians and Farrer theory Q
      skeptics disagree on Markan priority, their views on Luke's use of
      Matthew and Mark are compatible. (Though the Q skeptics, who hold
      to Markan priority without Q, have the better psychological argument
      for Luke's preference for Mark: Luke had known Mark for longer.)

      >ii) Does anyone know anything about E. Simon, Hat der dritte Evangelist den
      >kanonischen Matthäus benutzt (Bonn: C. Georgi, 1880)? Apparently influenced
      >Holtzmann, mentioned in Farmer, Synoptic Problem. Where does he fit into
      >the typology?

      All I know is what Hobbs explained. Simons was like your view
      (c), which has been termed the Three Source Hypothesis (Mark, Q,
      and Matthew). Holtzmann worked with Simons on this issue, which
      allowed Holtzmann to abandon Ur-Markus.

      >iii) If one was going to argue the opposite (i.e. Luke's independence from
      >Matthew) would it be fair to treat the issue globally, or would one need a
      >detailed critique of each of the three options?

      I would argue them separately. They are different and raise different
      kinds of issues.

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