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5919Re: [Synoptic-L] Luke knew Matthew: Three versions

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  • Peter M. Head
    Apr 10, 2001
      Thanks Mark for your helpful notes. Are there any interesting
      non-scientific commonalities among the British representatives of the
      Farrer-Goulder theory? Oxford is one. Did they all go to the same school or
      I'm not meaning to ignore your comment by the way, it is just that Farrer
      theory is much less clear than Farrer-Goulder (which non-advocates have
      been using for a while). Should advocates be given automatic rights of

      >The difficulty with treating the issue globally is that the Farrer
      >Theory is more closely related to the Two-Source Theory than it is
      >to the Griesbach Theory since both Two-Source and Farrer make
      >Marcan Priority foundational. Discussing Farrer alongside
      >Griesbach does tend to obscure the extent to which Marcan
      >Priority is foundational for the Farrer theory (cf. my "A Monopoly on
      >Marcan Priority? Fallacies at the Heart of Q").

      The alternative problem is that much of the evidence is somewhat similar.
      It is hard to imagine any discussion not being very repetitious. Anyway
      I'll worry about later.


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