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5759Re: [Synoptic-L] The Existence of Q

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  • Emmanuel Fritsch
    Mar 2 5:41 AM
      Answer to Peter Kirby :

      # My theory is that the author of Luke did not believe in the virgin birth.

      Boismard dedicates an ex-cursus to this point of view in "L'evangile
      de l'enfance selon le proto-Luc" (childhood Gospel according proto-Luke)
      Gabalda 1997.

      Even if you disagree his use of Pepys harmony, he sumarizes
      old arguments and provides new one, that may join your point
      of view. Particularly, Mary follows the schema of the old
      sterile woman (for instance : magnificat), and in a previous
      edition she was closer to Elizabeth.


      Reading your essays ("priority of Mark" and "Existence of Q"),
      I do not find the quality of your work on Testimonium Flavianum.
      You neglect in both essays to answer the common objection to your

      I compare these new works with your dissertation on Testimonium
      Flavianum, that remain for me one of the best study on that topic :
      You did not conclude on Testimonium Flavianum before giving a large
      overview of all points of view and arguments on the question.

      In your new essays, I do not find references and answer to classical
      objections opposed to markan priority and 2 ST. How do you deal with
      them ? For instance, how do you deal with the Lukanian vocabulary we
      find sometime in Mark ?


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