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5746Re: [Synoptic-L] The Existence of Q

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    Mar 1, 2001
      At 07:42 PM 2/28/01 +0000, Ron Price wrote:
      > My example quoted at the top was intended as a case where the
      >dependence of A and B on a common source was unlikely, on the basis that
      >a literary characteristic of an author is unlikely to have been copied
      >from any source. Therefore (my argument goes) the author of A probably
      >did not take the pericope concerned from a common source, nor, on the
      >same basis, did (s)he take it from B. More positively, B probably took
      >it from A.

      If you could eliminate the possibility that dependence of A and
      B on a common source as unlikely, then I would agree with you
      that the presence of A's literary characteristic in B would
      indicate that B took it from A. I just would like to know how
      one could eliminate indirect dependence on a common source as

      I would suggest that the burden of proof belongs to one asserting
      that there is a indirect dependence on a common source. This is
      because in any apparent A --> B direct dependence relationship one
      could always posit an A' nearly identical to A (e.g. the third
      KAI is changed to DE and vice versa) and assert an A <-- A' --> B
      relationship of indirect dependence on a common source, viz. A.

      That is why I sketched three arguments as possible ways to meet
      that burden. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy that their formulation.
      For example, is the argument from contradictory priority indicators
      really a form of the argument about silence?

      Stephen Carlson
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