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5274[Synoptic-L] The Critical Edition of Q

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  • Steven Craig Miller
    Nov 26, 2000
      To: John C. Poirier,

      << Perhaps there is something of "disgust" in my objection, but it is not a
      disgust for yet another book about Q. It is a disgust for another book
      written from the James M. Robinson viewpoint, in which Q is regarded as a
      perfectly secure hypothesis, with an uncritical disdain for those of us who
      still regard the Synoptic Question as an open one. If this book had been
      written by the European community of Q scholars, it would not have been
      called a "critical edition," because only the North Americans are
      pretending that Q has established beyond all doubt. >>

      I don't know if it is fair to criticizes Robinson merely because he doesn't
      want to spend his time endlessly debating the merit of Q. And as for the
      article "the" in the title, I have no idea who is to blame for that, but it
      sounds less pretentious than Westcott and Hort's "The New Testament in the
      Original Greek," but whatever. The one thing which often bothers me is
      putting the word "new" in the title, like: "The New Cambridge Modern
      History." Volume one of this work was published in 1957. It really isn't so
      "new" any more. <grin>

      << All I'm asking is for North American Q scholars to come down off their
      high horse. >>

      Gosh, I love these equestrian metaphors. It almost makes me want to put on
      my cowboy hat and swagger around the house for awhile. But I wonder, isn't
      it the North American scholars' turn to ride this high horse? The Germans
      got to ride it, then the Brits, isn't it the North American scholars' turn?
      (I apologize to those in other countries. I realize this isn't fair. But
      your nation needs to be a superpower in order for your scholars to ride a
      "high horse.")

      -Steven Craig Miller
      Alton, Illinois (USA)

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