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5270Re: [Synoptic-L] The Critical Edition of Q

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  • John C. Poirier
    Nov 26 1:52 PM
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      Steven Craig Miller wrote:

      > Gesh ... does the title really deserve such nitpicking? Perhaps I'm
      > mistaken, but it seemed to me that some of the criticism I read directed
      > against the title of this book, "The Critical Edition of Q," was merely a
      > not-so-veiled partisan disgust for another book on the Q hypothesis.

      Perhaps there is something of "disgust" in my objection, but it is not a
      disgust for yet another book about Q. It is a disgust for another book
      written from the James M. Robinson viewpoint, in which Q is regarded as a
      perfectly secure hypothesis, with an uncritical disdain for those of us who
      still regard the Synoptic Question as an open one. If this book had been
      written by the European community of Q scholars, it would not have been
      called a "critical edition," because only the North Americans are pretending
      that Q has established beyond all doubt.

      All I'm asking is for North American Q scholars to come down off their high

      John C. Poirier
      Middletown, Ohio

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