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5229[Synoptic-L] The Critical Edition of Q

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  • Steven Craig Miller
    Nov 23, 2000
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      To: Brian E. Wilson,

      << Chuck Schartz asked, "How you can have a 'critical edition' of a
      hypothetical document that doesn't exist?" >>

      But Q does exist, in fact, I have a number of copies of it in my library
      right at this present moment. Gosh, don't you? <grin> Whether or not Q
      existed in the 1st century, it exists today as a hypothesis. A "critical
      edition" of Q is no more silly than a synopsis for Q or a concordance for Q
      or a book discussing the "theology of Q" etc. A hypothetical document does
      exist, and one can indeed have a critical edition of this hypothetical
      document. In fact, in a very real sense, all critical editions to even the
      New Testament are hypothetical documents! As you well know, all the
      original texts of the NT have been lost. The difference between the
      hypothetical nature of a Q text and the hypothetical nature of the NT text
      is merely one of degree. In either case, one always runs the risk (such is
      the nature of working with a hypothesis) of working with a text which never
      had existence in the 1st century.

      -Steven Craig Miller
      Alton, Illinois (USA)

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