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5227[Synoptic-L] The Critical Edition of Q

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Nov 23, 2000
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      Stephen Carlson wrote --
      >Its apparatus is designed to document the method and
      >judgments of the IQP team in their reconstruction of Q. For
      >example, the CEQ includes sigla for delimiting the discrete
      >"variation units" the IQP used for analyzing the Q text.
      The language being used here seems to suggest that the IQP have in fact
      been reconstructing Q and that there is an existing text of Q. Is this
      not rather begging the question of whether Q ever existed?

      If Q never existed, the IQP have not reconstructed Q, and the text of Q
      has in no way been analysed, however many judgements have been
      documented and however discrete variation units have been delimited.

      Chuck Schartz asked, "How you can have a 'critical edition' of a
      hypothetical document that doesn't exist?" Part of the answer is surely
      that a critical edition of Q is possible only on the assumption that at
      some time in the past Q did exist.

      The corollary is that if it is assumed that Q never existed, which is a
      reasonable enough assumption, then we cannot have a critical edition of
      Q at all, and "The Critical Edition of Q" is not what it says it is.

      Best wishes,

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