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5082[Excavating-Q] Jesus' teaching in Greek

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  • Brian McCarthy
    Nov 1, 2000
      Dear Prof. K-V

      Does your work on Q presuppose that Jesus taught publicly in

      [As far as I know this is a position of the JS, against the
      consensus of those other leading Jesus scholars that I could
      check; and is for the JS a mere presupposition and not an
      early critical conclusion arrived at through the
      collaborative work of the whole collective. [And their work
      seems to be in great measure built on your work on Q.]

      If it does not, what work are you or other Q scholars doing to
      relate Greek Q to Aramaic Jesus?

      Jesus research has greater importance for me than does Q or
      Synoptic research--though these too are of real interest. But
      if no one is doing any work concerning this relationship I
      will almost inevitably find Q research becoming just one item
      among many in a large category entitled 'Interesting

      Brian McCarthy
      Madison WI

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