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4876Re: [Synoptic-L] excavating Q

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  • Jim West
    Oct 1, 2000
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      At 04:48 PM 10/1/00 +0100, you wrote:

      >Which Q hypothesis?
      >According to W. Schmittals, Mark was a documentary ancestor of Q (sic),
      >according to D. Zeller and H. T. Fleddermann Q was a documentary
      >ancestor of Mark, according to M. -E. Boismard, neither Q nor Mk was
      >used by Mt or Lk, according to R. Price Q was the ancestor of both Mt
      >and Lk, but Mt was also the ancestor of Lk, according to Streeter Q was
      >the ancestor of Mt and Lk but Mt was not the ancestor of Lk, and so on.
      >What Q is depends on the hypothesis which contains it. To discuss the
      >viability of Q meaningfully, we have to state fully the hypothesis to
      >which Q belongs. The viability of Q varies from Q hypothesis to Q
      >hypothesis. When someone writes of Q, or of the Q hypothesis, we should
      >immediately raise the question of which Q, or which Q hypothesis, is
      >being considered.

      q + mk = mt and lk (with M and L respectively)- this is the classical q
      hypothesis. this is the one most people think of whn asked a simple
      question about the issue.

      >If we do not do this, we do not know what Q contained. Did it contain
      >the Baptism of Jesus, as Crossan, Grundmann, Harnack, Hoffmann, Hunter,
      >Jacobson, Luz, Marshall, Schmithals, Shurmann, Streeter, Taylor
      >Vasiliadis, Weiss and Zeller all insisted? Or did it not, as Kloppenborg
      >and others maintain?

      i didnt ask about all that now did i?

      >My answer to Jim's question is therefore that I do not understand it,
      >and I suspect it is meaningless.

      everyone else seems to have understood it. perhaps you are having
      difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. again, it was a simple question-
      notwithstanding all the equivocating thats going on in response to it.

      still hoping to find diogenes out there somewhere....



      "I like to eat lettuce, but I always eat only the heart; in my opinion the
      leaves are for the pigs" S. Kierkegaard.

      Jim West, ThD
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