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48Re: a hypothesis like the Farrer one

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  • Jim Deardorff
    Feb 17, 1998
      At 03:42 PM 2/17/98 -0500, Timothy T. Dickens wrote:
      > [snip of major information]
      >>Mt 18:17 "...let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector."
      >>An additional key point is the strong likelihood that Mt 28:18-20 is a later
      >>addition. This is indicated by "...in the name of the Father and of the Son
      >>and of the Holy Spirit" -- a Trinitarian-like formula. This was surely
      >>added by someone else than the original writer of Matthew, in an attempt to
      >>counteract the preceding anti-gentile material.
      >>Jim Deardorff

      >Jim, do you know what the Greek NT critical apparatus says on this verse.
      >Does the apparatue hint whether or not the verse was inserted? I am at work
      >now and, therefore, do not have a copy of the Greek NT with me.
      >Timothy T. Dickens


      NA-27 doesn't indicate any possibility of this that I can see, merely a
      change in spelling of "baptizing" in some witnesses.

      It was instead an article by George Howard that brought out this possibility
      to me, in his "A note on the short ending of Matthew," in HTR 81 (1988)
      117-120; it stems from analyses of what Eusebius failed to say when
      discussing this general area of Matthew. Also,
      the primitive Hebrew text Howard analyzed fails to have Mt 28:19 and 20b.

      I notice that F. Beare, in his commentary on Matthew, gives a couple reasons
      why Mt 28:19 "is a relatively late formulation."

      Regarding your mention of Father-Son-Holy Spirit being very prevalent in the
      NT, my quick look through a concordance doesn't find the combination there
      at all. Not in the Gospels or in Paul's epistles. Faulty concordance??

      Is it indeed in the Didache? I've been one who favors the Didache as having
      come out a little later than Matthew, in which case it wouldn't prove anything.

      Jim Deardorff
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