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4701Re: [Synoptic-L] redaction-critical arguments

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  • Peter M. Head
    Sep 1, 2000

      Aw shucks. Thanks for the compliments! I worked hard on making the PhD
      accessible, and my copy-editor worked hard on my english expression! Anyway
      I'll save a copy of your comments for discouraging days.

      Actually I agree with you on the resolution of the 1984 Jerusalem
      conference. At least we ought to note that it is clear that this was a
      "stacked deck": only invite people who believe in a literary dependence
      solution to the synoptic problem and then surprise surprise two weeks later
      they resolve that they are agreed that the synoptic problem needs a
      primarily literary solution (see my p. 7 note 22).

      It has worried me that I didn't give more space to a whole range of
      alternative theories (incl. oral ones), but the method wouldn't really
      stretch to it, and I needed the focus (in an otherwise rather unfocussed
      PhD), or else I wouldn't be able to properly target the Griesbach
      Hypothesis (!).

      Cheers for now


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