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4462Re: [Synoptic-L] Re Lk 10,18 eqewroun

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  • Carl W. Conrad
    Jul 1, 2000
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      At 9:47 AM -0400 7/1/00, Maluflen@... wrote:
      >It is interesting to note the aorist tense of the verb dedoka in v. 19,
      >seeming to refer to a particular moment when Jesus communicated this power to
      >the 70. Strangely, the narrator tells us that Jesus gave power "over all
      >demons" to the twelve disciples (in 9:1), whereafter these men are
      >nevertheless shown to be without power over the demon in 9:40. The 70 are not
      >explicitly given this power at the beginning of chapter 10. Yet we hear from
      >them upon their return from mission that the demons are in fact subject to
      >their power, and thereafter Jesus remarks that he has given them this power.
      >Luke is writing at a time when effective power over the demonic forces has
      >passed to Paul and his helpers in the world-wide mission. See too Lk 9:49,
      >and my now published interpretation of 9:46-48 (where I show that "the great
      >one" is Paul, who is greater than the [twelve] disciples [see 9:46: the
      >thought arising in the hearts of the twelve as to who might be greater than

      DEDWKA is not aorist but perfect tense; the aorist would be EDWKA.


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