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4231Re: [Synoptic-L] The Critical Edition of Q

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  • Mark Goodacre
    May 1, 2000
      On 1 May 00, at 10:04, Peter M. Head wrote:

      > In my previous posting I was really just trying to obey our moderator's
      > advice not always to take everything so seriously. I'm still in the closet
      > on Q.

      Apologies if my previous post on the topic sounded unduly intense.
      I did enjoy your jokey post about the topic very much but
      nevertheless found myself wondering how a member of the IQP
      would react to it. After all, these people spend a large amount of
      time working on the assumption not only that this text exists but
      also that it can be reconstructed in minute detail. I wonder how
      they would react if indeed it becomes clear that, after all, Q is
      horse feathers?

      >Why don't we wait until we can get our hands on this new critical
      > Q
      > volume (and maybe Kloppenborg's Excavating) and organise a proper Q
      > e-seminar in this forum? Presumably even unbelievers (in Q that is) would
      > value working through the evidence/arguments. I suppose we could do it now
      > (there is no shortage of argument already!), but it needs a bit of
      > direction and organisation (maybe a guest star).
      > What do you think?

      I think it is a cracking idea! You might be interested to hear that
      Prof. Kloppenborg has already kindly agreed to take part in an on-
      line seminar focused on his _Excavating Q_. It is scheduled for a
      three week period beginning on September 11 and there will be
      more details anon. "Watch this space"!

      Happy May day

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