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  • Mark Goodacre
    Apr 7, 2000
      Further to last night's message about the egroups archive for Synoptic-
      L, I noticed egroups had also changed the way they have searches
      performed on E-List archives. That meant that all of the egroups
      searches on my All-in-One Biblical Resources Search (acts-l, graphai,
      gthomas, johannine_literature, Synoptic-L, tc-list, xtalk) had ceased
      to function. I have now messed around with the coding and am happy
      to say that all is now functioning well. In fact, I think the new egroups
      searches are working more quickly than the older ones, which used to
      be quite slow. If you're not familiar with it, the address for the All-in-
      One page is:


      Or it has an easy-to-remember V3 URL:


      Hope this proves helpful. Please let me know of any other glitches on
      the page.

      Dr Mark Goodacre mailto:M.S.Goodacre@...
      Dept of Theology tel: +44 121 414 7512
      University of Birmingham fax: +44 121 414 6866
      Birmingham B15 2TT United Kingdom

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