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3554[Synoptic-L] Did Luke use Matthew

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  • Brian Tucker
    Dec 30, 1999
      Please forgive me for being pedantic, this statements are from Stein in
      Dic. of Jesus, 790. My academic training has been from professors who
      were two source guys and I have recently been working through the
      implications of Goulder's work. I have finished "Is Q a Juggernaut." and
      Mark's treatment of Goulder and a few other articles. Each of these have
      dealt with aspects of the issues Stein brings up, I would like either a
      response or bibliography for answers to these questions.

      Matthew and Luke did not know each other.

      1. Luke lacks the Matthean additions to the triple tradition.

      2. The Q material is found in a different context in Luke.

      3. At times the Q material is less developed in Luke.

      4. The lack of Matthew-Luke agreements in order and wording against

      5. The lack of M material in Luke.

      Brian Tucker
      Riverview, MI
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