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3426[Synoptic-L] a book on the LP

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Dec 5, 1999
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      Apologies for crossposting.

      I've been given a tentative go-ahead from Paulist Press to produce a
      book on the LP for their _What Are They Saying About ..." series, and I
      thought I'd share with the List the approach I'm thinking about taking.
      Comments, criticisms, additions, suggestions for other topics and/or
      what to include within the ones I've (so far) chosen, are all welcome.

      Here's what I've come up with so far:

      What are they saying about:

      1. the canonical and non canonical versions of the prayer

      2. whether the prayer, in either or any of its canonical or non
      canonical versions, goes back to Jesus

      3. whether the prayer is "original" -- that is, something that is
      entirely new vis a vis 1st century Jewish prayers or is dependent upon
      and/or developed out of and in imitation of certain 1st century Jewish
      statutory or private prayers

      4. how it fits with what is known of Jesus' prayer life

      5. how it fits with the other prayers Jesus is presented as giving to
      his disciples

      6. what each of the petitions means

      I look forward to your responses -- which, unless there is general
      interest in this, should probably be sent to me OFF LIST.



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