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274The Five Gospels: Parallels Web Resource

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  • Mark Goodacre
    Apr 1, 1998
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      I have recently come across an excellent web-resource for the study
      of the Synoptics at the introductory level. It is entitled "The Five
      Gospels: Parallels" and it is prepared by John W. Marshall of
      Princeton. It provides a variety of ways of viewing the Gospels in
      parallel, using frames, in English translation. For students with
      access to the internet, this would be a very exciting way of getting
      familiar with Synoptic texts. It is useful I think as a resource
      exclusive to the internet, exploiting the internet as a medium for
      doing something different. The address is:


      All the best

      Dr Mark Goodacre M.S.Goodacre@...
      Dept of Theology, University of Birmingham
      Homepage: http://www.bham.ac.uk/theology/goodacre.htm