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1879Re: the ending of Mark

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  • Graham Hamer
    Feb 8, 1999
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      Mark Goodacre wrote:
      > I wonder if Brian was referring specifically to the idea of the last page
      in a
      > codex being lost? Certainly the idea of a lost ending is old. Streeter,
      > example, thinks that the earliest copy was accidentally mutilated or
      lost, but
      > he seems to be imagining a scroll, _Four Gospels_, p. 338: "the two ends
      of a
      > roll would always be the most exposed to damage; the beginning ran the
      > risk, but, in a book rolled from both ends, the conclusion was not safe".
      > anyone know how much earlier than Streeter the idea goes? Surely it must
      > much older than him? And is Roberts the first to propose that it was the
      > leaf of a codex that got lost? It would be interesting to know the
      answers to
      > these questions -- can anyone oblige?
      C S C Williams wrote "If the Christians already used the codex or book
      form for their gospels during the first century, as Mr C H Roberts believes
      (JTS, XL, 1939, 253ff) then the last page could easily have been torn
      away." (Alterations to the Text of the Synoptic Gospels and Acts, Oxford,
      1951, page 44). This looks like Williams (either consciously or
      unconsciously) may have been the source of Roberts' suggestion in his book
      on the codex.

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