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1834Re: codices from the beginning

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  • Jack Kilmon
    Feb 1, 1999
      An early codex, or caudex, was essentially two wax tablets bound
      together like a book, or two ivory or wooden slates with wax. I
      am interested in the what ms fragment is the earliest extant
      exemplar of a vellum codex and the earliest exemplar of a papyrus
      codex (which apparently came later)...not necessarily biblical in nature.


      Jeremy Duff wrote:

      > At 12:44 01/02/99 EST, you wrote:
      > >Can anyone comment on the use of codex in the civilian world? I believe Julius
      > >Caesar began to prefer them, and introduced them to Roman use.
      > >
      > >Regards,
      > >Tony Prost
      > >All Nonnos All DAy
      > First reference to literature in codices is Martial Epigrams 14.184-192
      > (mid-late first century AD). Beforehand (Caesar etc.) they were used for
      > jottings.
      > Jeremy
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