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172non-Markan material in Matthew and Luke

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Mar 9, 1998
      J. S. Kloppenborg wrote (SNIP) -
      > Given (a) Markan priority to Matthew and Luke, and (b) the non-
      >dependence of Matt on Luke and Luke on Matt, one is required to posit a
      >source upon which Matt and Luke depend for their nonMarkan material.

      Is it not the case that all the agreements of wording of Matthew and
      Luke against Mark are non-Markan material? Do not these include the
      minor agreements which occur throughout the triple tradition? And do
      they not also include the stronger agreements of Matthew and Luke
      against Mark in those pieces of triple tradition material which
      advocates of the 2DH regard as "Mark-Q Overlaps" - for instance the
      Parable of the Mustard Seed in Mt 13:31-32, Mk 4:30-32, Lk 13:18-19 ?

      It would seem to me that if so, to posit a source upon which Matthew and
      Luke depend for all their non-Markan material one would therefore have
      to posit a source which included much material found in the triple

      In other words, would not the source one would be required to posit
      have to contain a lot of material very similar (though not identical) in
      wording to much material in Mark, some of this including the hundreds
      of words of the minor agreements, and some including the agreements in
      wording of Matthew and Luke against Mark found in some of the material
      known as "Mark-Q Overlaps"?

      In which case, would one be positing 'Q' ? And if not, why not, please?

      Best wishes
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