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167Re: Q yes or no?

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  • Mike Grondin
    Mar 7, 1998
      Another minor quibble -

      Wilson says:
      > > ... if the Two Document Hypothesis is ruled out, Q did not exist.

      Kloppenborg replies:
      > Tautologous! Since the ``Two Documents'' of the 2dH are Mark and Q, it
      > follows that if not 2DH (Mark, Q), then not Mark, Q!

      Not exactly. If not-2DH, then all we know is that either not-Mark or
      not-Q (or both). Only by assuming (or arguing) that Matt-Lukan
      dependence on Mark (not merely the "priority" of Mark) must be true, can
      we conclude that not-Q.

      Highest regards,
      Mike Grondin
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