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164Re: Q yes or no?

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  • james r. covey
    Mar 7, 1998
      re missive of 28/02/98 01:51 PM under pseudonym -Paul Miller- :

      >I would like to see a
      >debate on synoptic-l, assuming the interest is there, on the evidence
      >for or against a source document used by Matthew and Luke.
      > Q yes or no?

      here is a humble suggestion for an alternative course of action...

      if you're itching for an Internet-level discussion of this question,
      i think you should go to Steve Davies' Gospel of Thomas homepage,
      http://www.epix.net/~miser17/Thomas.html, and scroll down to
      "The Synoptic Sayings Source Q: A Debate." go through all the links
      that you find interesting. if that does not completely tire you of
      the subject, there's probably something deeply wrong with you.



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