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1263Siglum Q (was Re: Goulder gets no respect?)

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  • Mark Goodacre
    Nov 2, 1998
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      On 1 Nov 98 at 15:27, Claudio Ettl wrote:

      > The signum "Q" indeed first appears in Johannes Weiss, Die Verteidigung
      > Jesu gegen den Vorwurf des B√ľndnisses mit Beelzebul, in: ThStKr 63
      > (1890) 557.
      > The first scholar, however, to use "Q" as a terminus technicus for the
      > Sayings Source is - as far as I can see - Paul Wernle in his work "Die
      > synoptische Frage" (Freiburg 1899). On page 44 he writes: "Die -
      > hypothetische - Quelle sei mit Q bezeichnet." It seems that in the wake
      > of this designation the letter "Q" became the common siglum for the
      > Sayings Source.
      > Nevertheless, there is no evidence for an attribution to Schleiermacher.

      I suppose that this means that we are coming up to Q's 100th birthday? Sounds
      like it's getting a bit old -- perhaps on its last legs? : )

      A little more bibliography for anyone interested:

      Frans Neirynck, "The Symbol Q (=Quelle), ETL 54 (1978), pp. 119-25
      Frans Neirynck, "Once More: The Symbol Q", ETL 55 (1979), pp. 382-3.
      Frans Neirynck, "Note on the Siglum Q", _Evangelica_ II (BETL 99; Leuven:
      Leuven University Press, 1991), p. 474.

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