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10241Re: [Synoptic-L] John Lupias comments on the riddle of loaves etc.

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  • John Lupia
    Jul 7, 2005
      --- Richard Richmond <rickr2889@...> wrote:

      > John
      > you call me ludicrous

      There is an enormous difference between saying "what
      you said is ludicrous" and that "you are ludicrous."
      Nothing personal was intended. Let's keep things

      and you cannot see that -
      > TETRAKISXILIOUS is built on the same root as
      > TESSARES?

      You said "provided it has not been tampered with in a
      way". I take this to be strict as Text Critics tend to
      so that "tessares" being four should occur four times
      as you predict or claim. Mk 6:40 PENTEKONTA (400) here
      means "fifties," but in your scheme should be included
      as a cryptogram. Mk 6:48 TETARTOS means "four"
      referring to the fourth watch in Roman reckoning of
      the hours of the day. With these two additional
      deviations with TETART- , TETARTO- from the ROOT of
      FOUR your argument collapses equalling five or six
      instances, not four, or merely two as I take it.

      > How on earth would anyone translate 4000 if your
      > point
      > had any merrit. Your attack on me personally is
      > really
      > not necessary.

      Nor is it real. I am challenging your claim not YOU as
      a human being.

      Best regards,
      John N. Lupia, III

      John N. Lupia, III
      Beachwood, New Jersey 08722 USA
      Fax: (732) 349-3910
      God Bless America

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