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10223Re: [Synoptic-L] Re: Jesus Genealogies

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  • John Lupia
    Jul 6, 2005
      > chuckjonez@... writes:
      > > Lk actually emphasizes Jesus' Davidic descent
      > repeatedly. For brevity's
      > > sake, I'll simply list references here, but in
      > their context these are places
      > > where Lk goes out of his way to cast Jesus as the
      > resumption of the Davidic
      > > line: Lk 1:32-33, 1:69, 2:4, 2:11, Acts 2:25-36,
      > 13:34-36, 15:16. Lk would
      > > have much to gain by recounting the Davidic royal
      > line. It's hard to imagine
      > > why he would abandon I Chron or Mt after David and
      > make up the remainder of
      > > the genealogy (no portion of his remaining
      > genealogy has any parallels within
      > > the Hb scriptures).

      Lk 1:27 cites Joseph, Mary's spouse from the House of

      Lk 1:32 Jesus is to have the throne of his father

      Lk 1:69 is as Leonard suggests

      Lk 2:4 Jesus is born in the city of David since he is
      of that line

      Lk 2:11 restates 2:4 in an iconic manner

      Lk 3:31 shows David descent

      Lk 18:38,39 even a blind man recognizes Jesus as Son
      of David

      Lk 20:41-44 redirects the Davidic role as Leonard
      suggests but does not deny or negate it. The point
      being that even if he is a Son of David he is nothing
      like David nor shall his kingship or throne, or
      kingdom be like David's, i.e., earthly, but rather, a
      spiritual kingdom that shall be eternal.

      So although I agree with Leonard I do not agree that
      the David role is denied or negated, but redirected to
      its true end.

      With best regards,
      John N. Lupia, III

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