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10073[Synoptic-L] No Luke: a thought experiment about Q

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  • Ron Price
    Jun 22, 2005
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      How would we tackle the Synoptic Problem if we did not have Luke's gospel?
      This scenario should be easy to imagine for those of us who accept that
      there was a time when Mark and Matthew existed and Luke was not yet written.

      It would still be quite easy to work out that Matthew was dependent on Mark.
      Would we glean anything from a study of the non-Markan material in Matthew
      (let's call it 'MM' for short)?

      MM might have been labelled a 'source', though hardly a *written* source.

      But Q would surely have been totally invisible. Would anyone in these
      circumstances be able to define a logical method by which they would be able
      to reconstruct something like Q?

      If Q is so amorphous that it would have been totally invisible in spite of
      having the whole of Mark and Matthew to work on, does it not follow that Q
      as usually understood must be a figment of the imagination arising out of
      some intersection between Luke and the other two synoptic gospels?

      Ron Price

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