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10Re: Synoptic-L Test

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  • Carl W. Conrad
    Feb 11, 1998
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      At 1:51 AM -0600 2/11/98, Mahlon H. Smith wrote:
      >Carl William Conrad wrote:
      >> > reonstructed non-surviving sources."
      >> But presumably we are talking about WRITTEN sources here, however
      >> hypothetical, and not just about oral tradition, I presume.
      >I'll accept your qualification, Carl, as long as it is not designed to
      >exclude consideration of the interrelationship of oral tradition &
      >written documents in the formation of the synoptic gospels. I don't see
      >how a purely literary definition of the synoptic problem can be defended
      >at this stage in the history of gospel research. Let me see if I can
      >integrate what we have so far into a succinct definition:
      >"The synoptic problem is (1) an inquiry into the existence and nature of
      >the literary relationship between the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and
      >Luke,(2)investigation of reconstructed non-surviving written sources,
      >and (3)exploration of the influence of oral tradition upon the
      >development of manuscripts of these gospels."

      I just want to say that I certainly didn't mean to exclude questions of how
      oral traditions enter into the written versions; I simply meant to say that
      I think the study of oral tradition itself is more or less extraneous to
      discussion of Synoptic relationships as such, though not without relevance.

      And I think Mahlon's definition is an excellent one. I'll buy it.

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