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Science Fiction / Planning (ongoing threads)

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  • coyote_starship
    Some of the science fiction I ve been working on is meant to be in the tradition of Critical Path in the sense of spelling out some possible scenarios, going
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11 12:39 AM
      Some of the science fiction I've been working on is meant to be
      in the tradition of 'Critical Path' in the sense of spelling out
      some possible scenarios, going forward.

      I found that material on-line about 'the real Castro' (a book),
      with a passage about Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch firm that has some
      sales in Cuba, but could have more, if it's Ben & Jerry's subsidiary
      really makes it to Havana or thereabouts, as a factory operation
      perhaps. Senator Leahy of Vermont was suggesting this happen (I gave
      a link), perhaps in a somewhat jocular fashion. Ice cream is a somewhat
      non-serious subject, which is part of its charm.

      Part of the subtext here is how to do bookkeeping in a way that's
      more consistent with the general systems theory view that the primary
      source of energy is not humans, not tax payers, but the sun and sun-
      driven biochemistry (the so-called food chain). The sun also gives
      us wind and, in time, buried fuels such as coal. Yes, it takes human
      labor to mine and cultivate, but lets not make the mistake of saying
      only human labor adds value to our equations. That's too parochial.

      So yes, deviating from Marxism maybe, but that's not the point. It's
      not Voodoo Economics either, with the mystique of "corporate persons".
      I don't think Cuba would be ready to mortgage its future to such
      superstitious, anti-science thinking. Not at a time when the
      Doctrine of Discovery is being questioned. The royal prerogatives of
      the landed wealthy are getting rolled back in retrospect. Kingdoms
      are not really "God given". Bucky was right that the King James
      version of the Lords Prayer seems rather obsessed with property
      rights ("forgive us our trespasses") -- easy to see why he'd want
      to rethink it.

      If we think of the Earth (Spaceship Earth / Global U) as a giant
      non-profit agency netting steady grant income from the Sun, then it's
      a fund accounting system that we need. The various pathways taken
      by labor mixed with energy / resources gets tracked through funds.
      Sponsors see how their donations have been directed towards the
      programs they wanted implemented. And who are these "sponsors"?
      Why "we the people" of course. USA OS (USA operating system) is
      about providing basic infrastructure for channeling funds, thereby
      turning commitment and intention into on-the-ground programming.
      That's what we call the Be-Do-Have projects completion cycle in GST.

      This takes me to our Coffee Shops Network idea, which is simply a
      way to channel charitable giving by means of games. The games are
      didactic, meaning they might teach principles of biochemistry for
      example, such as the so-called standard dogma (about DNA, RNA and the
      synthesis process). We want Global U students to find themselves in
      the role of donating to worthy causes quite early. There's a kind
      of character building that goes with committing winnings to this or
      that cause, and taking credit in one's profile. People see what
      you stand for, whether you put your money where your mouth is.

      Perhaps I bring up these games because one can imagine a new kind of
      casino where such games get played. Many Cubans were glad to get
      the casinos out of Havana, but here's an ironic twist as these new
      ones actually fuel the nonprofits and their fund accounting systems.
      It's "trickle down from the sun" with human intelligence doing some
      homework and energy switching.

      With Portland in particular, I've wanted to capitalize on the 'toon
      town' reputation and produce a lot of these technical cartoons.
      These could also be comic books. Comic books about Bucky, not unlike
      Logicomix about Bertrand Russell, might go a long way towards building
      rapport across cultures. The Linus Pauling House, which I've been
      suggesting Unilever could buy, currently houses a comic book company
      that creates and publishes just such science-minded comic books, such
      as this one about the Missoula Flood. It pretends contemporary
      kids were present, even though this was a very long time ago (13K -
      15K years). I don't know if Terry would even sell though. The
      boyhood home of Linus Pauling is great PR for any owner, as we're
      talking two Nobels, one for peace. There's a commitment to integrity
      in Pauling's life that would make for great associations, at least
      among a small group of cognoscenti. Mentor Graphics is currently
      one of the beneficiaries through sponsoring the Linus Pauling Memorial
      Lecture series (produced on ISEPP, where I've been a board member --
      so its appropriate to dream up these deals, even if they don't go

      Thinking in terms of geological time scales is what keeps general
      systems theory more science-based than economics. You stop thinking
      money is at the core of Global U operations when you think more
      clearly in terms of thermodynamics and the long range mix of gases.
      All talk of global warming aside, the climate has certainly been
      variable. Change is normal. Humans evolving and changing how they
      self-organize is also normal. It happens without conscious planning
      at some level, but then consciousness helps too. The workings of the
      Zeitgeist make a difference.

      (more later, just scratch padding as usual, maybe link from a blog
      or someplace).

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