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  • coyote_starship
    ... ... These aren t quite the story lines I m wrestling with. More, I m keen to open pathways (think biochemistry on pathways ) such that
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      > [dels]
      > >> (I'm a vet. Are you?)
      > >
      > > I'm a Quaker. Spent some time on military bases though, even
      > > been to Vietnam.
      > Oops. Sorry. Forgot you were conscientiously objectionable.
      > (*g*)
      > .....
      > > What I'm interested in is better repatriation programs. One of the
      > > incentives to stay in is the perception that civilian life is going
      > > to be hellish. In times of economic hardship, enlistees are
      > > particularly likely to re-up.
      > Yup. Some enlist in the first place, for that reason.
      > But if you try to link _vet_ homelessness to economic instability, well,
      > then, you're just fuzzing up the issue of the _vet's_ homelessness. In
      > nasty times, *everybody*'s at risk. Because the vet served his country, his
      > problems should be given priority over other citizens' problems? Hm....
      > I'm not so sure about that.

      These aren't quite the story lines I'm wrestling with. More, I'm
      keen to open pathways (think biochemistry on "pathways") such
      that flooding out of encampments overseas looks not only doable,
      but welcome. Not talking about any special disabilities, just
      your average Joe or Jane looking for a next thing.

      Just to go from Iron Mountain to Big Rock Candy, imagine these
      like Disneyland aerospace things, like with NASA logos, where they
      tell you you're training for Mars, except we're not going for some
      generations (just getting some cultures going, encampments that are
      sufficiently semi-autonomous to model humans in micro-civs -- more
      fun than just Sims). Lots of GIS/GPS, lots of learning to look at
      Earth as a whole planet (which takes a toll on nationalist grid
      models, but they're still there, in your head, where they always

      > > The military is the largest jobs program out there, per Report
      > > from Iron Mountain:
      > Makes some sense. Expanded, "government" (military included, natch) is an
      > huge employer.
      > JBw

      I'm combining all governments and militaries, for purposes of
      energy budget analysis, as a pie slice of the Global U budget.
      Huge, like you say. There's all the energy right there to make
      the world a happy place for women and children, but there's
      something about the XY chromosome that makes 'em wanna fight,
      for whatever reason they can invent / concoct / sell their souls
      to. Of course that's just pseudo-science. There's nothing in
      biochemistry that I know of to implicate the XY, nor do I think
      it's testosterone. It's a long and brutal past on some Planet
      of the Apes. I can't tell you how many weapons museums I've
      toured. Seems to be the Quaker thing. Put the corridors end to
      end and it goes for miles, then add deserts full of rusting tanks
      (good riddance), decaying fighter airplanes, each one, as president
      Eisenhower said, a theft of happiness and aliveness from those
      women and children, many of them now killed and orphaned because
      somebody just *had* to build all that junk, too much for the
      junkyards to really handle.

      So that, in a nutshell is the challenge. I go into more detail
      on some of the related projects over on math-teach:


      Then there was more about television:


      Remember, it'd take almost no money to start showing the concentric
      hierarchy on TV, even if just in the form of commercials. Those
      who squawk about "over population" shouldn't be so timid about trying
      new solutions. Boost electrical consumption and birth rates come
      down, we know that works. The best form of contraception is all
      you can eat and plenty of Netflix, time to study, meaningful stuff to
      do other than bear children. This idea that we need to compete with
      bodies, to have more "believers" in this or that, is kinda bogus, as
      we now see that memes work independently of genes. When it comes
      to psychological warfare, "bodies" are not the enemy. It's the ideas
      you need to counter (or encourage as the case may be).

      These Boeing-engineered aerospace villages will have lots of video
      game simulation facilities. Also opportunities to fly airplanes
      and helicopters.

      However this is not about terrorizing people on the ground with
      your hellfire. This isn't about being demonic. We're talking
      happy healthy civilians, some of whom don't believe as you do,
      some of whom have more than one spouse, some of whom think
      eating meat is for the birds, and so on.

      You don't get to rain down terror just because they say your holy
      land is unholy. In that sense, USA OS is semi-victorious (as a
      way of life). The status quo is innovative yet civilian yet full
      of adventure. The enlisted are chomping at the bit to experience
      the freedoms denied them in a state of war (the mindset needed
      for so many a business model to work -- as I was saying, insane
      programming we might actually improve upon, given a sufficiently
      robust -- and countering -- mindset).

      Helping people in floods, like in Pakistan, or in South Asia after
      the tsunami, is sometimes dangerous and difficult work. People from
      all over the world like to coordinate, not be wasteful. These are
      hard exercises, given all the languages involved (including computer
      languages). It's not like there's a shortage of interesting and
      meaningful work to get done. Or you can build more crap for the
      junkyard, and earn the lasting disdain of your progeny for so doing.
      Who wants to go down in history as an uber-coward?

      If you like to pump adrenalin and do heroic things, don't worry,
      the backdrop of Planet Earth is plenty challenging even without
      all the self-inflicted murder and mayhem (buggy inherited
      programming, limited ability to upgrade, lots of automaticity
      that's just plain awkward, to be polite about it -- XYZ ya know).

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