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Re: Leave the group active for reference purposes As Bill mentioned, we're working on getting the archives up elsewhere. Until then (and perhaps afterwards), we'll leave the archives up here, but not allow new
Mark Nottingham
Oct 17, 2008
Re: Leave the group active for reference purposes ... There is a plan to pull the message archives off to another server.
Bill Kearney
Oct 17, 2008
Leave the group active for reference purposes I joined this group so that one day, when time permits, I might be able to go through the messages and what not to learn more about syndication. If you don't
Martin Hirsch
Oct 17, 2008
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Re: List Closing thanx for all your efforts.   Anish ... From: Mark Nottingham Subject: [syndication] List Closing To: syndication@yahoogroups.com Date:
Anish Shrestha
Oct 17, 2008
Re: List Closing P.S. Many thanks to Bill Kearney for moderating for a good chunk of that time. Bye,
Mark Nottingham
Oct 11, 2008
List Closing Just a quick note - I started this list more than nine years ago (!) to talk about "syndication". In
Mark Nottingham
Oct 11, 2008
Re: Authenticated web feed access standard? if they can rig things up to support standard web auth via a username/password box... then... the format: http://username:password@feedhost/feedurl/ should
elijah wright
Aug 21, 2007
Authenticated web feed access standard? Is there a standard that defines how news aggregators should request access to web feeds behind a login/password? Our few private groups -
Steven Clift
Aug 20, 2007
Re: Aggregation to RSS services, Mash-up tool recommendations Hi, I think Dapper, at http://www.dappit.com/index.php -- might do what you're looking for. It allows you to slice and splice together RSS feeds. It has a bit
Akilesh Ayyar
Feb 19, 2007
Re: Aggregation to RSS services, Mash-up tool recommendations ... One such tool can be found here: http://www.intertwingly.net/code/venus/ - Sam Ruby
Sam Ruby
Feb 5, 2007
Aggregation to RSS services, Mash-up tool recommendations I am looking for recommendations on a web-based service that would allow me to aggregate clusters of RSS feeds and turn them into a combined RSS feed I can
Steven Clift
Feb 5, 2007
Please provide feedback on www.infoabtdeals.com I have developed a deals aggregator site using RSSLib and would like your comments and feedback on it. The site can be found at: http://www.infoabtdeals.com
Jul 10, 2006
RSS Questions from a novice Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me with the latest thinking/information about: 1. What RSS standards/versions are out there? 2. Which is the best?
Apr 25, 2006
Re: Formatting skipDays and skipHours... ... ... ... Thank you, I went to the web and found more comments and implementation insights. Your comments regarding mod_syndication is
Clinton Gallagher
Dec 21, 2005
Re: Formatting skipDays and skipHours... ... Other, repeated elements. 8 9 ... Yep, if you want that granularity, you'll want to design something new,
Phil Ringnalda
Dec 20, 2005
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Formatting skipDays and skipHours... The RSS 2.0 specification is ambiguous. The specification [1] clearly states how to represent the values but fails to indicate how to delineate a collection of
Clinton Gallagher
Dec 20, 2005
Re: content-wire feeds riddle help ... DevNet ... LOL the software used is fully licensed as far as I know not sure why that appears, but your right, doesnt look good, will investigat however
Oct 3, 2005
Re: content-wire feeds riddle help You mean the tag? I would guess that using a licenced version
Nick Lothian
Oct 3, 2005
content-wire feeds riddle help Hi good syndication peoples you ll remember content wire, we started off about 5 years ago and several of you helped us pull our rss feeds together this
Content-wire Research
Oct 3, 2005
I wish these services produced RSS/Atom - Amazon wishlist for a person - Amazon Lists - Amazon Recommendations for one person - eBay listings from one person - eBay search results - Craigslist
Julian Bond
Sep 15, 2005
Feed History -04 Feed History -04 is out, at: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-nottingham-atompub-feed- history-04.txt Changes: - fh:stateful -> fh:incremental, with
Mark Nottingham
Sep 6, 2005
Re: FYI: Feed History -03 ... feed- history-03.txt ... Looks good to me. Thumbs up. -- Stephen -- Stephen Downes ~ Research Officer ~ National Research Council Canada
Stephen Downes
Aug 17, 2005
FYI: Feed History -03 Draft -03 of feed history is now available, at: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-nottingham-atompub-feed- history-03.txt Note that this is a mechanism
Mark Nottingham
Aug 15, 2005
Re: RSS Referencing ... hi Sam, thanks for the pointers - i think it is the best choice and i will use for ATOM 1.0 export even if it does not support a compact notation for
Aleksander Slominski
Aug 1, 2005
Re: RSS Referencing ... Why is this superset necessary? Atom supports decentralized definitions of custom relations.
Sam Ruby
Aug 1, 2005
Re: RSS Referencing So, reading this thread carefully, one possible resolution is that the atom "rel" attribute is extended.
Steve Cayzer
Aug 1, 2005
Re: RSS Referencing The most sensible way of doing things, IMHO, is to put the link to the blog post inside the field, and to replicate it in the field if the post
Phillip Pearson
Jul 31, 2005
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Re: RSS Referencing ... it seems you do nto care about the case when there can be multiple links to content? what about referencing other places "via" link? i think that it is
Aleksander Slominski
Jul 29, 2005
Re: RSS Referencing ... it seems default for rel is "alternate" so that should be chnaged to
Aleksander Slominski
Jul 29, 2005
more on referencing described resource [Re: RSS Referencing thinking even more about it - when generating feed why not to generate as much metadata in as many standards as possible? who knows what may turn out to be
Aleksander Slominski
Jul 29, 2005
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